Waterfowl: Visiting

Migrating Waterfowl visiting Lake Thoreau

Since early February we have had a number of waterfowl who are visiting or migrating through Lake Thoreau on their way to other parts of the U.S. or the globe.

So far, our visitors include the American Coot, Bufflehead Duck, Double-Crested Cormorants, Hooded Mergansers, Red-Necked Grebe, Ring-Necked Duck, and Wood Duck.

Click on the sub-page tabs to see pictures and videos of these visitors on Lake Thoreau.

You can also click on the underlined name of each waterfowl to go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “All About Birds” to learn more each of our delightful visitors.

Thurs, Mar 25:  A large flock of Double-Crested Cormorants landed on Lake Thoreau – although they could have flown in last night during the rain and thunderstorm. I posted video footage of this swarming mass of swimming waterfowl — they were having a great time diving and fishing  in front of our house. I lost count of the number of cormorants – might be able to determine by looking at my raw video footage!

Fri, Mar 19: Our visiting bird expert, Abby, with the Reston Nature Center, identified a Red-Necked Grebe floating near the dockboat.  As of Mar 25th our little friend is still here. He or she is often seen with the other two (Pied-Billed) grebes and is occasionally seen with the geese pair across or our mallard pair.

Tues, Mar 16: A pair of Wood Ducks came paddling quickly headed toward the eastern side of Lake Thoreau. What darling little ducks – unfortunately we only saw them one day.

Fri, Feb 25: The precious Hooded Mergansers showed up on Lake Thoreau.  They stayed around until March 10.  Our neighbor, Russ, says that we are likely to have other groups visit the lake later.

Wed, Feb 23: An American Coot was just diving in front of our neighbors dockboat – wonder where it went? It seems to be all by itself on the lake — showed up a couple of days ago.

Mon, Feb 21: Our daughter reported seeing a lone Double-Crested Cormorant – the last day of the Great Backyard Bird Count – so we were able to submit both species on our checklist!

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